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Jafar, the Grand Vizier of the Sultan of Agrabah is trying to steal the legendary Magic Lamp containing a Genius, which is in the Cave of Wonders. After witnessing a failed attempt to access the cave by a thief, Jafar and his parrot Iago understand that only a so-called “diamond in the rough” can enter the cave, that is a person that in itself reveals a high degree of purity.
Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan, bored with the monotonous life of the palace,  decides to go undercover at the Agrabah marketplace. There she met the young street thief, Aladdin and his monkey Abu. The two began dating and find they have much in common, although they belong to different social classes. Meanwhile, Jafar, who thanks to his magic arts discovered that Aladdin is the diamond in the rough, issues an arrest warrant against the young man. When Aladdin is arrested by guards led by Razoul, Jasmine ordering release as a princess, but the fools saying that Jafar Aladdin has already been executed.
The form of a decrepit old man, free Jafar Aladdin and Abu from prison and, after revealing the existence of the Cave of Wonders, leads to the entry. The giant door-shaped head allows Tigre Aladdin and Abu to get intimate but they do not touch nothing but the lamp. Nevertheless, Abu tries to steal a ruby and the Cave melts, turning the ground into lava. With the help of a flying carpet Aladdin can find the exit before the lava overwhelms him, but when he comes to the surface, Jafar tries to kill him and take over the lamp. Abu fails to defend his master repeatedly biting Jafar, but at that point the cave closes swallowing inside Aladdin, Abu and Carpet.
In the bowels of the Cave Aladdin rubs the lamp to read better registration, thus freeing the Genie, who reveals with great humor and ability to transformation. The magical claims to be able to grant three wishes (with the exception of asking to ask other desires, to kill someone, fall in love or resurrect from the dead). With a clever ruse, Aladdin becomes free from the Cave without fulfills a wish. While serving Aladdin, the Genie admits to wanting to be free, for the burden of being eternally bound to fulfill the desires of others and devoid of any autonomy because prisoner of his own lamp. Aladdin promises to free him using his last wish. After talking about Jasmine, Aladdin asks the Genie to turn into a prince phenomenal, so as to win the heart of Jasmine.
Just as Jafar is to force the Sultan to give him the hand of the princess with hypnosis, Aladdin arrives triumphant in Agrabah in a beautiful parade, bearing the name of Ali Ababwa. Despite the initial rejection by Jasmine, Aladdin manages to ingratiate himself with the princess expressing their feelings and making them take a ride with him on the flying carpet, to see the world that has always been denied. At the edge of the carpet, in a dream, the two young men see many places of the world and realize that they love each other. Jasmine learns the true identity of Ali, but this is justified by saying that cammuffava from petty thief to get around without being recognized. The two kiss and return to the Palace.
That same night Jafar Aladdin captures secretly, and after gagged, throws it into the sea. The Genie saves Aladdin, esaudendone his second wish. Aladdin returns to the palace and reveals the plan concocted by Jafar, which is then expelled. As he leaves, Jafar known under the lamp of Aladdin turban, thus realizing the true identity of Ali Ababwa. While Aladdin is undecided whether or not to reveal who he really is, Iago steals the lamp and brings it to Jafar, who becomes the new master of Engineers. The evil uses the first two wishes to become the new Sultan Palace and the Sorcerer world’s most powerful. Using his new powers, Jafar takes control of Jasmine and the Sultan, reveals the true identity of the court Aladdin and Abu banishes the boy in a frozen wasteland.
However, Jafar sends erroneously in the permafrost also the Flying Carpet, allowing Aladdin and Abu to return to the Palace to meet Jafar. Arrival of Aladdin, Jasmine distracts Jafar with a fake attempt at seduction while the boy tries to recover the lamp. Jafar, however, makes you aware of the trick and furious, imprisons Jasmine in a giant hourglass and turns into a giant cobra. While shaking Aladdin in his coils, Jafar claims to be the most powerful human being on earth. Aladdin advantage of the situation by answering that the superior being is the Genie, Jafar then remains the number two. Realized this fact, Jafar uses his third and last wish to turn into a mighty genius. Although it is now more powerful than the Genie, Jafar is still defeated by Aladdin, who imprisons him in his new black lamp along with Iago. After that, the Genie hurls into the desert making them end up in the Cave of Wonders.
After realizing that he can not continue to pretend to be what he is not, Aladdin decides to go back to being as before, and keeping his promise, using his third and last wish to free the Genie from his lamp. Realizing that her daughter is really in love with Aladdin, the Sultan changes the law to allow his daughter to marry anyone who considers worthy. In the end, the genius part to take a trip to the World, while Aladdin and Jasmine celebrate their engagement.

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